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Allyship in Energy: Survey Says

In July 2020, Pink Petro polled a few hundred of its most engaged members about allyship in the energy industry. The results tell a story about how far we have to go in many areas: gender, race, sexual orientation, and with our environment. Here's what our members had to say.

In July 2020, we polled a few hundred of our engaged members about allyship. The results tell a story about how far we have to go. Here’s what our members had to say.

Examining the Data

Source: Pink Petro / ALLY Community Survey June 2020

Nearly 85% of individuals strongly agree they are an ally to women. That number is 52% for allyship and people of color, 32% for the LGBTQI community, and 47% for environmental allyship. Interesting to note is how different the perception of allyship changes from a personal view to the role of the supervisor, the company, and the industry.

Over 50% of the respondents disagree or are neutral with industry allyship to women, people of color, the LGBTQI community and our environment.

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We are pleased to welcome Shanta Eaden to ALLY Energy as Chief Operating Officer.