In 2018, ALLY and Gapingvoid Culture Design teamed up to look at equity and belonging in energy.  With some help from Survey Monkey and Stanford University we learned a lot having published a report and sharing our thoughts on what Energy 2.0 – the next generation of energy might look like.

Now we’re teaming up again to create the very first global digital energy ethnographic study through Gapingvoid’s Energy Culture Science Assessment™ by capturing a thousand stories of how people in energy are experiencing their work across the globe.   

DE&I surveys are almost always quantitative affairs. The belief is that data will give us insight, but we have found that there are missing steps, and what we are optimally seeking is the wisdom to impact our industry. 

Our stories define who we are. It’s how we guide our children, but it also how we communicate our life experiences. Stories are essential for us to lead and influence; they also are the best way to understand people’s true lived experiences. Understanding the ‘qualitative’ aspects to our careers provides amazing insights into our identities, our expectations, our dreams.

Energy has some special challenges given the cultural and geographical diversity of our sprawling organizations.

On March 3rd we will be launching the very first digital global ethnographic study on diversity, equity and inclusion in energy. We will be capturing stories and other data about people’s lived experiences, and then reporting them out at our State of Inclusion session in May 2021.  A collection of these stories will also make up our 2021 Energy Diversity & Inclusion Index narrative, which will compile the trends in respondents’ own words. 

Our intention is nothing short of transforming how we understand the current state and progress of DEI in energy, and to enhance the transformative power of our collective.


5th Annual
GRIT Awards & Best energy workplaces

October 26th, 2021
Online and in person at A.D. Players Theater in Houston