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Energy 2.0 In Review

The coronavirus had us all on the edges of our seats and threw a wrench in events around the world, but it didn’t stop thousands of people across the globe from attending Energy 2.0 in Houston, online, and Denver March 9-11, 2020. (London, which was scheduled for March 24, is a different story. We hope to get something on the books as soon as travel restrictions are lifted and are targeting November. Watch for details!)

Even though the unconference was slated to have a virtual component long before coronavirus became a concern, the combination of streaming and virtual interaction via our dedicated conference app brought connectivity during a time of fragmentation and enabled everyone, including online participants, in-person attendees, and speakers, to explore the themed topics: equality, the environment, and the new economy, as well as the emerging market and virus concerns.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in or supported this event and contributed to its success. We’ve put together this page to serve as an archive; ideal if you attended and would like to revisit portions and want more information or if you missed the event and want to catch the replay.

Energy 2.0 Video: Houston Mainstage & Online

Houston Mainstage Recap

  • External Keynote Address: “You Have the Power: Why Action Matters” with Judaline Cassidy
  • Industry Keynote Address: “Stepping into Your Purpose” with Stephanie Cox
  • Perspectives: “Taking Energy Forward” with Jennifer Hartsock
  • 2020 Energy Outlook: “Risks and Opportunities” with Julie Wilson and Hillary Holmes
  • Perspectives: “Can you be a conservative environmentalist?” with Danielle Butcher
  • “Connecting the Dots to Reach NetZero” with Tara Karimi and Meghan Nutting
  • “Shale, Rattle and Roll” with Ed Crooks
  • Perspectives: “The Secret Sauce to Our Energy Future” with Paula Glover
  • “The Energy Workforce of the Future” with Arquella Hargrove and Deane Ilukowicz
  • “Living in the Future’s Past: A Look at Energy in a Different Way” with Katie Mehnert, Jeff Bridges, and General Wesley Clark
  • “CO-Topia: Green capitalism and a blueprint for the rational middle” with Allyson Book, Benji Backer, Danielle Butcher, and Melody Meyer
  • “Perspectives: What skills you need to thrive in the era of automation” with Trish Uhl
  • “How tech is rattling the energy status quo” with Jennifer Hohman, Geeta Thakorlal, and David Reid
  • “Celebrating 5 years: The new future for energy” with Katie Mehnert, Debra Stewart, and Paula Northern

Houston Mainstage Photos

Check out the slideshow of photos highlighting the best moments from Energy 2.0 in Houston. See a full photo gallery here.


Houston Mainstage Resources

Energy 2.0 Video: Denver


Denver Stage Recap

  • “Economist Discussion: Energy Markets from a Global Perspective. The Future of Energy?” with Bernadette Johnson, Sarah Sandberg, Tom Brady, and Jennifer Van Dinter
  • “New Economy: Markets, Financing and the New Reality for Energy Companies” with Ahna Mee, Beau Stark, Michael Orlando, and Deb Ryan
  • “Greening the Grid: What is Possible? What does ‘clean’ mean?” with Kathleen Staks, Billi McCullough, Jill Engel-Cox, and Jenny Bredt
  • “Networking in Energy” Workshop with Emily Beck
  • “Women’s Entrepreneurship in Energy” with Emily Morris, Lisa Hamil, and Heidi Gill
  • “Women and the Wealth of Nations” keynote with Robert Bryce
  • “Energy Equality: Community Challenges” with Lynn Granger, Susan Fakharzadeh, Winter Jojola-Talbert, and Jennifer Gremmert

Did We Miss Something?

If you feel this page is missing a link or resource related to the event, send a message to [email protected]

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