How do I publish an event?

If you are interested in publishing an event to appear on our Upcoming Events page, you can watch the video instructions below or complete the steps below the video.

1. At the top ribbon under the PUBLISH tab, select Event.

2. Fill in your event details. Below are the necessary elements to complete.

  • Title: Keep it short but descriptive.
  • Event description: In the box below the title, enter in a minimum of 5-6 sentences describing your event. We encourage you to write a couple paragraphs! Include the purpose, audience (if restricted or targeted to a particular group), and companies involved.
  • Event link, info, and cost: Provide the registration link and any other relevant contact information and cost (if applicable)
  • Date and time: Be sure to specify the timezone since our community is global.
  • Featured Image: Choose an image that is representative of your event, preferably without words. The image requirements are:
  • Categories: Select one or two categories that are most applicable to your event.
  • Event location and organizer: Choose from the drop down or add a new entry
  • Event speakers: Have any featured speakers at your event? Find or add them and add a picture and info about them.

3. Once you have completed the form, click submit. The ALLY editorial team will review the event and either publish or contact you for more info within two business days.

Happy publishing!