What are the options for watching events live and on demand?

Pink Petro has been an enterprise customer of Zoom since 2015 and believes in the platform’s lightweight features, ease of use, and security features. It’s the core of what we use to produce our ongoing events and meetings. Zoom skyrocketed its growth during COVID19. As the video conferencing app’s users surged to hundreds of millions within weeks, security issues and vulnerabilities left trust in Zoom at an all-time low. We recognize not all companies will adopt the same technology stack we have, so we have a few ways you can watch our events.

OPTION 1: If you want to watch and interact, the best way to join is through zoom. To do this you’ll sign up for the event and we will send you an invitation that you can add to your calendar. The nice feature Zoom allows for is a reminder 1 hour prior to the event. #

OPTION 2:If you want to watch, you may also log on to our site at our WATCH LIVE page. In this case you’ll need to make sure you mark your calendar for the event. #

OPTION 3: Our public events are sometimes streamed to LinkedIN or Facebook, so you can also catch them live on social media. We would prefer you watch on ALLY so we can measure you direct participation. #

OPTION 4: Some of our members will use their personal devices to watch on a tablet, phone or laptop. We recommend that you follow guidance on what’s acceptable by your company however invite you to join how is best to suit your experience. #

All events on demand can be replayed on our website. You must log on to find these events. You can search for them by category or by visiting the On-Demand page.

As technology evolves we’ll do our part to innovate, however, we would ask you help share more about the tools we use with your IT organizations to help us create a great user experience for you.

Having problems or want to provide us with feedback? Submit that here. #