What are the benefits of becoming a member of ALLY?

ALLYSM is the space— where we come together and  invite our community to:

  • Advocate for ourselves, each other, and the industry.
  • Listen with an open mind.
  • Learn so we can grow and make an impact.
  • You do the work. At the end of the day, this comes  down to YOU.

Safe Networking #

Allows for connection creation across the energy industry,  from academia, government, corporations and more. Member organizations and individuals are visible how they  wish to be to the external public and internal membership.

Spam-Free #

Profiles are required and the site will not take any traditional advertising revenue. We leave “Free” to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Follow people and brands you don’t know and connect with  people and brands you do know. Everything we do is trusted. No more spammy vendors, recruiters or sales pitches.  Report spam and it will be addressed.

Vetted #

Focused platform to create energy awareness, vetted content. Push  content based on preferences selected by the community members.

ALLY Academy: Coaches, Courses & Workshops #

We’ve hand-picked the best. Our faculty consist of women and minority owned businesses with a niche to provide services  around our development roadmaps. They are proven business leaders with education, certifications,  and experience in Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and startups in different industries. Our  coaches have worked with emerging leaders, directors and c-suites. ALLYSM is well networked and has  a diverse community of global resources to bring to bear.

Development Roadmaps #

We take the best content and organize it for you based on preferences,  experiences and our development roadmaps. There’s something for everyone: the  student, professional, in-transition parent, executive, board member and retiree.

We’re focused on all stages of your career in energy.

High Impact Content #

  • Publish a Post: Posts and events are open to all members to post but are vetted  by the ALLY staff for consistency and applicability to the audience.
  • Post an Event: Posts and events will be made public or private depending on the  content submitted. Guidelines can be found on ASK ALLY.
  • Attend Events in person, online, or on demand. Your choice.

Careers #

The ALLYSM community will allow organizations to post jobs. We add focus and help the energy industry brand with a value proposition that makes us an attractive sell to STEM professionals. This service is for members or clients who have purchased our careers platform subscription. If interested, please get in touch for more information.

Coming Soon: Constantly Innovating #

We publish a roadmap for features. If you have a feature request, submit it, and stay tuned to our community roadmap for more details of what’s to come.