Where to go to find events

Our events page will show our own ALLY events as well as those posted by other corporations. All of events are vetted and screened before it is posted on our website.

You can go straight to our Events page here.

The below video instructions will show you where to go to find our ALLY events page.

On the top of your dashboard, go to the FIND tab, click on it, scroll down then click on Events.

All of the events will be pulled up on that page. You can narrow your search by clicking on one of the fields on the right of ALL.

Once you’ve found the event you’re interested in, click on register. After clicking on register, it will take you to another page. On the new page, scroll down and you’ll see BOOK EVENT, here you can register for your ticket. Click next to complete your registration on the next page.

After completing you registration, you’ll receive an automated email confirming your event registration. If the the event is virtual, you will receive a 2nd email with the webinar information.