Why won’t my image upload?

Media, such as images and videos, are a great addition to our site. They offer an engaging supplement to articles, pages, events, and more. But, large file sizes can slow down our site and decrease our appearance in search engine results. In order for ALLY to run optimally and for YOU to get the most out of your experience, we have a strict set of standards for how to upload an image. If you’ve been having trouble uploading an image on our site, make sure you are abiding by the following guidelines:

  1. Your image’s file size must be less than 100 KB and preferably under 70 KB. Optimize your file size using tinyjpg or image resizer.
  2. The file format needs to be a JPG (not PNG, TIFF or GIF)
  3. Suggested image sizes: can use Canva or Pic resize to resize your image
    • Featured images (for blogs, events, courses, etc.): 1280 x 720 pixels
    • Profile photo: 260 x 260 pixels
    • Cover photo: 1300 x 225 pixels

If you have more specific questions on image uploads, read our Ask Ally sections on editing your profile, submitting an event, or publishing a blog post.