Mentoring Program Q&A

Thank you for your interest in the Lean In Energy Mentoring Program.  We have compiled this list of common questions and answers to provide additional details about the program.

What are Lean In Energy’s offerings?

  • Communities 
  • Small Group Mentoring Program      
  • Flash Mentoring Program 

What are Lean In Energy Special Interest Communities?

Upon becoming a Lean In Energy member, you will be placed in one of the following Regional Communities, which are overseen by a Lean In Energy Regional Lead:

  • Latin America Region
  • North America Region
  • Europe Region
  • Middle East & Africa Region
  • Asia Pacific Region

Following Regional placement, you will have the option of joining several Special Interest Communities (SICs). Our SICs are organized by industry function (e.g. technology, engineering, sales, commercial, supply chain, finance, legal, etc.) or unique interest (e.g. power generation, 4Ds, Blockchain, women in hydraulic fracturing, etc.).

While our Regional Communities are led by Lean In Energy Regional Leads, our SICs are member-run and led by a member-assigned Community Lead. All of our SICs have access to Lean In content, and Lean In Energy-hosted events, but may also host their own events for networking and learning across the energy value-chain.

After becoming a Lean In Energy member and connecting to the Lean In Energy network through our Communities, you will receive an invite to join our mentoring programs: Small-Group Mentoring and Flash Mentoring.

What is the Lean In Energy Small-Group Mentoring Program?

Small-Group Mentoring is a 6-month formal mentoring program, structured by a team of Lean In Energy learning/content experts, and has a ratio of 1 mentor to 4 mentees. Each mentor and group of mentees are matched through our smart-matching algorithms based on application/profile questions answered upon becoming a Lean In Energy member and applying to enter this program.

This is a 6-month program, starting January 28th, 2019 and has the following enrollment periods:

  • The enrollment window has been reopened and will close January 25th, 2019*

What is the Lean In Energy Flash Mentoring Program?

Flash Mentoring is a one-on-one (1 mentor to 1 mentee ratio), one-time (1 hour) ‘flash’ session, that provides a focused opportunity for networking and learning experiences. Flash Mentoring helps you learn job-related skills, gain cross-departmental knowledge, explore career paths, prep for interviews, develop soft skills, build stronger networks, etc. If you’re looking for a flexible learning experience, with no minimum time commitments, Flash Mentoring is a great solution.  

Flash Mentoring also uses our smart-matching algorithms but will ‘recommend’ mentors to you based on your unique wants/needs, and by your meeting preference (in-person or virtual). With Flash Mentoring, you can meet Lean In Energy mentors from across-the-world while conducting personal or business travel.

This is a year-round program, starting January 28th, 2019 and has the following enrollment periods:

  • Mentor enrollment opens October 29th, 2018 and is open year-round.
  • Mentee enrollment opens November 26th, 2018 and is open year-round. 

*Please note that you may participate in both Small-Group Mentoring & Flash Mentoring simultaneously.

How do I sign up?

A: You may join the Lean In Energy global community by completing a short enrollment application on our website. You will then be assigned to a Regional Community, with the option of joining several Special Interest Communities. From there, you will receive an invitation to join our Small-Group Mentoring and/or Flash Mentoring Programs. Feel free to join one or both!

To join our mentoring programs, please be sure to sign up during our upcoming enrollment periods.

About Lean In Energy

Lean In Energy is a leading mentoring community for women in energy. From fossil fuel to clean tech energies and the transportation and infrastructure value chains, Lean In Energy is focused on empowering women across the energy value chain to achieve their ambitions through mentoring, education and advocacy, and in turn solve the next generation of challenges by closing the gender gap in energy leadership.

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