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Mentors have a profound impact on our success

So many of us struggle with the first step: How do you find one? And what mentoring program is best for you? An if you are a mentor, how can you measure your engagement and participation.  We’re big fans of Lean In Energy, and here’s why.

After leaving Big Oil in 2014 to start ALLY Energy, our founder, Katie Mehnert was looking for a high quality mentoring program she could join in her new role as startup-CEO.  She sought to find a program that was diverse and inclusive of corporations, entrepreneurs and was built with support of male allies and quality education.  After forming her own circle, Pink Petro members asked for more circles.  In late 2015, just before Pink Petro’s first anniversary, it became the first corporate energy partner to the Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg Family Foundation and  

The popularity of the Lean In Energy mentoring program grew rapidly among women in the industry and by 2017, the community grew to 40 circles with close to 1500 members across all areas of the energy sector, inclusive of men.  In 2018, Katie Mehnert formed a non profit organization (501c3) called Lean In Energy and formally launched the non profit at Rice University by hosting her mentor and dear friend, Sheryl Sandberg, the founder of and Chief Operating Officer of Facebook.  As the founder of Lean In Energy, Katie Mehnert served as a regional leader and Chairman of the Board until she stepped down in 2019 to focus on the growth of ALLY.  Katie continues to be involved with organization as an advisor.

The Lean In Energy mentor program is robust leveraging a matching algorithm, providing circle assignment, goal setting and key measures.  Powered by Chronus, the Lean In Energy program is global and supported by the generous contribution of corporate sponsors including Pink Petro.   To learn more about how to get involved, visit the website here

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Did you know?

Katie Mehnert read Lean In on a flight between London and Houston in 2013.  Sheryl’s question “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” was the push that gave Katie the permission to leave the industry and launch in 2015. In the summer of 2017, the Lean In community helped founder, Katie Mehnert rebuild her home which was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey. 

Katie tells these stories in her recently released book, Grow with the Flow, which you can purchase at all major bookstores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books.  For a limited edition signed copy, visit here



We are pleased to welcome Shanta Eaden to ALLY Energy as Chief Operating Officer.