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Amazon’s Alexa Knows Pink Petro: Do You?

“Alexa, what is Pink Petro?”

You know you’ve arrived when your 7-year-old daughter asks that question, and Alexa has an immediate answer from Wikipedia. That’s just one of many accomplishments founder/CEO Katie Mehnert shared during the Global Community Council’s last meeting of the year.

“We’re creating the new future of energy,” says Mehnert.

Thanks to the Global Community Council which currently represents 24 member companies of all sizes, it has been quite a year. Case-in-point, Pink Petro now has 11,000+ members in 120+ countries; a verified profile on social media and more than 15 million organic impressions across all platforms. This year Pink Petro grew its careers site, Experience Energy; culture consulting; and launched support for mentoring by forming a non-profit with  Plus, more than 75,000 people participated in the GRIT Awards and HERWorld18 combined. 

Not too shabby for the first online community for women in energy, which began as scribbles on a cocktail napkin!

“We’ve got momentum globally because change happens not by talking about it, but by taking action and socializing it” Mehnert told the GCC last Tuesday, December 4.

The Pink Petro community believes: the energy world needs to eliminate the gender gap; individual companies need to build better diversity and inclusion initiatives; and, companies need to retain and attract top talent.

The other shared belief? The only way to get there is together.

That’s why the channels of communication are wide open. Everyone is connected and everyone has a voice. That’s Pink Petro’s doing. “We elevate what resources are available and we meet people where they are, online,” says Mehnert. The global council helps steer relevant programming and policies for Pink Petro’s at-large community. But, “Conversation doesn’t stop just because a meeting is over. Members are talking to each other through the member app, social media, and the experiences we offer throughout the year.”

“It feels so good to be part of something so relevant. Everything Pink Petro is doing feels so fluid and organic. It’s very powerful.”

GCC member Shara Hammond of Marathon Oil.

Mehnert says the council’s work is a progressive movement for change. She calls 2018 the year of “insane growth.” In addition to the stats above, the media is also taking notice. On a regular basis, BloombergReutersForbesFortuneFOX, CNBC and CBS contact Pink Petro for industry insight.


“This is where decision-makers and influencers come together,” says Mehnert, “And we’re the ones putting everyone in touch.”

Pink Petro membership has its benefits. Here are some highlights:

  • Invitations to exclusive professional development opportunities.
  • Access to the community through the members-only app and experiences live or on-demand.
  • Access to accomplished coaches, mentors and experts monthly via Coach’s Corner live and on-demand.
  • And corporate members can join the Global Community Council.

Interested? Click here to apply!

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