Leadership Development

lead·er·ship dev·el·op·ment roadmap

Developing leadership is both integral to individual and company-wide success. Effective leaders that can set goals, inspire others, and guide an organization to sustainable success.

The C-Suite: Energy Shift

The C-Suite View: Energy Shift This panel discussion was moderated by Katie Mehnert, CEO/Founder Pink Petro & Experience Energy. It featured C-Suite inhabitants: Jose Bayardo,

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Nicole Braley

Leading with Gratitude

We’ve all experienced some combination from the leadership grab bag: the dictator, the credit-taker, the best friend, the doormat, and, everyone’s favorite — the micromanager.

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Diversity, Inclusion, and Ally-Ship
Pink Petro

Mentoring Program Q&A

Thank you for your interest in the Lean In Energy Mentoring Program.  We have compiled this list of common questions and answers to provide additional

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We are pleased to welcome Shanta Eaden to ALLY Energy as Chief Operating Officer.