Problem Solving and Ideation

prob·lem sol·ving and i·de·a·tion roadmap

The creative process of solving, generating, developing, and communicating new ideas.

Critical Thinking and Analysis
David Feldman

10 Steps to Getting Unstuck

Have you ever found yourself in the state of being “stuck”? No, I’m not talking about being stuck in the snow or stuck in the mud on a rainy day.

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Diversity, Inclusion, and Ally-Ship
Pink Petro

5 Tips For Growing Your Career From Top Women In Energy

Part of our job at Pink Petro is to shine a light on our members. We ask about their career milestones, their successes and setbacks and their advice.
This week, we decided to focus in on that advice. We looked back at some of our past profiles and pulled out our favorite nuggets of wisdom. Read on for more from our community.

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brain dump
Problem Solving and Ideation
Lisa Crilley Mallis

What on Earth is a Brain Dump?

Imagine this reality.  Your brain is so stuffed with all the things you “need to do” that you can’t even begin to figure out where to start. 

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