Storytelling and Personal Branding

sto·ry·tell·ing and per·son·al brand·ing roadmap

The conscious and intentional effort of how you represent yourself and make an impact on the world.

Storytelling & Personal Branding
Katie Mehnert

An end to an era

You’ve heard and probably seen some changes over the past several months. On December 31, 2020, six years from the day we formed the company, we will retire Pink Petro and Experience Energy and become ALLY Energy.

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2020 Energy 2.0 Unconference
Storytelling & Personal Branding
Eric Shapiro

2020: A Year in Review

Ah, 2020. That most historic of years. The mere sound of its numbers makes us shake our heads in disbelief. Before it started, we were

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Storytelling & Personal Branding
Ally Community Admin

A Marketing Graduate Dreams Green

Laura’s inspiration is the power of progress. From acquiring clean power ventures to investing in alternative fuels and non-profits, her mission is driving a sustainable

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remote work
Change and Resilience
Theresa Magana

Creating Change From Home

For nearly 1.5 million students across the U.S., working in the office of a big company during the summers between their junior and senior year

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5th Annual
GRIT Awards & Best energy workplaces

October 26th, 2021
Online and in person at A.D. Players Theater in Houston