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Tackling the Topic of ESG Regulations in the US and UK/EU

ESG is the hot topic across many industries right now. To meet certain Environmental, Social, and Governance standards, many energy companies are stepping up to do all the necessary reporting. Some are even implementing what they’ve learned from the data in order to transform their organizations from the inside-out.

At last month’s first ESG meeting in the series, we laid the groundwork and went into some ESG basics. This month, during Part II of our series, we explored ESG regulations in the US and UK/EU. And we had two dynamite speakers — Anna Howell, a Partner at Gibson Dunn; and Ann Rosenberg, SVP of Sustainable Development at Wood — share some great information, along with their experiences in this rapidly-changing ESG space. Hillary Holmes, also a Partner at Gibson Dunn, dropped in to share some of her own insights with us.

Below you’ll find a quick wrap-up of the content, along with links to the recording and slides.

This entire series is sponsored by Gibson Dunn and terrapass; and we’re grateful for their support.

ESG and the UK/EU

In her presentation, Anna Howell delved into an overview of UK and EU regulations, which included a look into reporting, green finance, alternative energy, taxonomy, and developments in the European Union. At present, energy and construction companies are at the top when it comes to voluntary disclosures. Anna also shared a timeline on upcoming regulatory actions and legislative measures from now into 2025. She also delved into details on the newly launched Green Deal and spoke of the UK Government’s plans to fuel billions toward funding green initiatives that will help the UK achieve net zero status. To have a look at Anna’s slides, go here.

ESG and the US

Wood’s Ann Rosenberg kicked her presentation off by acknowledging all of the acceleration in the U.S. toward sustainability principles and net zero goals. From the rejoining of the Paris accord to the widespread attention on climate and COP26, the U.S. has certainly been making some bold strides toward sustainable solutions. Ann spoke of how awareness of ESG reporting has been building across organizations; however now, it’s time to take that awareness and use it to drive some meaningful action. She also spoke of the importance in creating a roadmap to meet carbon commitments. You can access Ann’s slides here.

Also our ALLY slides are here.

A Recording of the Meeting

And to watch a recording of the meeting, go here:

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